Welcome to SotA, Avatar

Welcome to SotA

Get ready to meet the latest MMO by Richard Garriot, also known as Lord British and creator of the Ultima games series: Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues, or simply SotA.

Defined as Ultima Online’s spiritual successor, its development began in 2013 with a collective funding project on Kickstarter. The more than 22,000 backers helped leverage the project. The global launch of the game will be in 2018.

About Shroud of the Avatar

In SotA, all choices made by players (also called Avatars), have consequences in the main storyline.

O Oráculo

How virtuous will you be on your way, Avatar?

As you decide your path, you will be able to rely on a range of combat and crafting skills in a “nonexistent classes” system. All skills are available to anyone who meets the requirements to learn them. Thus, no character is restricted to learning only magic, melee combat skills, or bow skills. Your Avatar can have any skills you want.


Ícones de habilidade de manufaturaÍcones de habilidade de magiaÍcones de habilidade de combate

The game has the modes “offline”, “online with friends only” and “multiplayer”, as well as an incredible housing system where Avatars can rent a room, own their houses or even have entire cities under their command.

Currently the MMO is in “early access”, but players already went through the last wipe before the game release. Existing characters will not be erased with the game launch. In addition, since December 2017 the game is available as a “free trial always-on”. New players may reach level 50 in any skill to test and decide whether to buy the game or not.

About SotA Brasil

Our intention with SotA Brasil is to bring articles, guides and tips about the game, whose learning curve is different from current MMOs. We will also publicize guilds, events, news and try to make the Shroud of the Avatar experience even more interesting and fun.

Want to suggest an article, have questions about something or want to collaborate with your own experience in the game? Contact us! 😉

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