Novia Map (SotAMap)

The Novia Map (or “What is SotAMap?”)

One of the most surprising things when you start playing Shroud of the Avatar is the size and complexity of the world map. It possibly will take a while until you are able to explore each region and city of the game, let alone discover each hidden secret of every area. There are a few in-built features to help the players to know where they are and where they must go, but they are not the only options. To make things easier some players have also developed ways to help navigation, from online maps to complex, detailed atlases. One of these players solutions, SotaMap, was even acquired by Portalarium and is now part of the game.

Here you will find a brief explanation of the various ways to find your way in Novia, so you will never get lost again.


By default, the compass is located at the top center of the screen. It is the most basic form of navigation inside a city or anywhere that is not the world map.

The compass shows the cardinal points and rotates to follow the camera. It also displays info about current Novia date, weather, and lunar phase.

Points of Interest

Points of interest (POIs) are important things, people or locations inside an area. POIs are exits to Novia map, entrances to another areas, NPCs, landmarks, and more. When you enter a region for the first time the compass will show few to none POIs. You must first discover them before they are marked in your compass.


In-game SotA Maps

For collectors or adventurers who are looking for more realism, the game have map scrolls of the main areas. After acquiring these maps through quests, certain NPCs or adventuring, you can use them to navigate their respective areas. To do this, double-click the map scroll inside your inventory to open the map screen.

Map_Ravensmoor Map_Ardoris Map_OwlsHead

Novia_AtlasThere is also a rare item, the Novia Map Atlas, which has all the produced region maps in a single item.

It could only be acquired by buying the Navigator pledge at the beginning of game development.



Developed by community member Jakub White and his collaborators, the amazing SotaMap began as a website, with a Google Maps-like map that allowed players to navigate the Shroud of the Avatar world. The results were so good that Portalarium officially integrated SotaMap to the game (rev 40). Afterwards, they bought the rights to the tool so they wouldn’t depend on players to update the maps.

Opening the map is as simple as pressing M (by default) on your keyboard. It is also possible to use the World Map website to find specific areas by using the search box, view information about NPC towns and player-owned towns, hunting regions, and more.



SotA Atlas

Did you think SotAMap was the most detailed map you would find? Then you must check the sensational atlas created by Birko, with such a high definition that it is possible to print and frame to use as a real world decoration:


Curious about how much zoom level you can get with this map? Access ShroudAtlas and surprise yourself!

With all these tips it is easier to move around Shroud of the Avatar world, don’t you think? 🙂