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Q1 updates and launch date

Portalarium team announced that they plan to launch out of Early Access in the first trimester of 2018. Most specifically, Tuesday March 27, with the Release 52.

The game has been persistent for over a year, and it receives monthly releases for over 4 years, so what makes this date different from other releases? It means they will deliver the list of features promised to Kickstarter backers, including the physical items (with a few exceptions and/or replacements). It also means that they will begin to promote the game through marketing campaigns, which will grow the community.

They will also publish quarterly schedule updates detailing the monthly updates, which will continue. The schedule might change with community feedback, but the team feels it is important to provide an updated roadmap from times to times.

Q1 top 10 priorities

Each quarter schedule will bring the top 10 priorities which will guide the allocation of the team’s resources. While they have a very strong influence on their work, they are not exclusive. Team members that can assist with something on the list will work on that first. Team members that who cannot assist with these items at any given moment work on other tasks such as visual polish, combat balance, fund-raising content, among other things. Q1 will be focused on performance, launch preparation, and polish.

SotA Map

  1. Performance
  2. Localization
  3. Launch readiness
  4. Physical goods
  5. Improved reward cycle
  6. Clearer player direction
  7. New user experience
  8. Story polish
  9. Improved enemy behaviors
  10. User interface polish

Portalarium team believes they have reached the final 20% of development and are close to the commercial launch. The final features and content in the game is almost ready and there will be a lot of changes. Even though they might be difficult to understand as we were used to the way things were before, they believe these changes ar the best for the long term health of the game.

Dates, durations and deliverables are subject to change, but we’ll wait anxiously for Release 52.

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