Interface and basic commands

Interface and basic commands Featured Image

Ready to start your adventures in the SotA world? First you need to understand a little about the user interface and basic commands of the game. Learn all about it here!

Default interface

Default User Interface

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  1. Character info (health, focus, buffs / debuffs)
  2. Task list
  3. Compass
  4. Menu
  5. Notifications
  6. Skills in training
  7. Active combat deck
  8. Utility Hotbar
  9. Chat window

Basic commands

I = Inventory
C = Character screen
J = Journal
B = Recipe book
O = Emotes
F = Social (friends, party, guild)
H = Blocked players
K = Abilities tree
Y = Combat decks
Enter = Open chat window
Esc = Close all windows / open Options window
N = Show / hide player names
M = Show / hide map
Shift + Left-click on stack = Break up stack of items
Ctrl + Left-click on stack = Select single item in stack
F9 = Hide User Interface
F11 = Screenshot
Alt – F4 = Exit Game
Z = Unsheathe / Sheathe weapon
G = Change targets
Shift + Left-click = Lock on target
TAB = Swap between mouselook and mouse-cursor modes
V = First person mode
Q or E = Rotate items when placing house decorations
Ctrl+E or Ctrl+Q = Rotate deco items in 45-degree increments
P = Send up flare from unclaimed house lots
E with cursor on item = Interact with object (loot corpse, open door or chest).
Alt (hold down) = target self for skills.

Slash ( / ) commands

/L <text> = Send a message to your local surroundings
/P <text> = Send a message to your party
/G <text> = Send a message to your guild
/W <name>, <text> = Send a message to <name>
/R <text> = Reply to the last message you received
/friend <name> = Add player to friend list
/unfriend <name> = Remove player from friend list
/block <name> = Add player to block list
/unblock <name> = Remove player from block list
/loc = location in coordinates in paste buffer
/bug = Opens the bug forum and puts info for filing the bug in paste buffer
/stuck = Resets your position
/follow = Automatically follow your target
/afk = Sit down and enter AFK mode
/visible = Makes your avatar invisible during screenshots
/<Emote> = Performs the listed emote

*It is possible to customize the shortcut keys in the main menu.

Now that you know the basic commands, don’t forget to check the daily rewards SotA offers to Avatars!

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