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One of the funniest characteristics of SotA is the range of emotes that Avatars can learn during their adventures. Though not essential to progress in the game, they allow greater immersion into this world, for either Role Play, parties and meeting promoted by other players or when chatting with friends.

Opening the Emotes list

To view the emotes that are currently available to you, press O and the Emotes list will open. You will notice that some of them have the word “Teachable” or “Re-Teachable” after their name. That means that other players can learn these emotes from you (and, conversely, you can learn emotes from other players too).

Acesso a lista de emotes

The difference between “Teachable” and “Re-Teachable” emotes is that players who learn the later from another player can teach these emotes to other people. “Teachable” emotes, on the other side, can only be learned from players who got them directly from NPCs. If the emote has nothing after its name, it can only be learned through NPCs.

To use an emote, you can either double-click it on the emotes list or type its name (as written in the emote list) in the chat window.


You can also create custom emotes by typing the following in the chat window:

/em %EmoteName%

Example: /em is dancing wildly %magic%

Emotes List

In addition to the initial emotes, you can learn many more ways to express your feelings. Quests, interactions with NPCs and other Avatars can teach a range of emotes. The list below has most of the available emotes up to the patch R49 and will be updated often.

Emote NameArea: NPC
BackflipSoltown: Abigail / Desolis: Tobbin Tedbare
BatonthrowArdoris: Darcy
BatontwirlArdoris: Darcy
BegArdoris: Ellery
BelchEpitaph: Forgotten Prisoner
Belly DanceArdoris: Zangoff
Belly LaughBeginner areas: Edvard
BlushArdoris: Zangoff
BooEtceter: Kitra
BurpBraemar: Karl Rognoff
ConductAerie: Felicia Perdue
CoughJaanaford: Joshua Hugtight
Courage SaluteArdoris: Virtue Students
Cower – Fauns
CringeKiln: Dion
FormalcourageHighvale Outskirts: Horatio
GolfclapEtceter: Aaron Denbo
GrovelSoltown: Chad
GuardArdoris: Mountain Palace Guards
HappydanceSoltown: Kitty
HeavyhopakSoltown: Geof
HissAerie: Holiday
HoldhandsArdoris: Cai Lau
HugArdoris: Sheng Lau
HuzzahSpite: Smelly Bob
JuggleCentral Brittany: Vivian Deventer
Juggle BottlesArdoris: Peladjar
KissArdoris: Khasi
LeanbackOwl’s Head: Nob
LeanleftOwl’s Head: Nob
LeanrightOwl’s Head: Nob
LighthopakSoltown: Geof
Love SaluteArdoris: Virtue Students
MacarenaArdoris: Bruno Martelli
Magic DanceAerie: Shadala Truesong
MarchSpite: Chuck Hamilton
MimeropeVertas: Quant
MimewallVertas: Quant
Nose PickOwl’s Head: Nob
PanicResolute: Willem
PaperDesolis: Tobbin Tedbare
Play DeadNecropolis: Kardan Marbane
PontificateDesolis: Elara Solstar
PrayArdoris: Damai
RantSolania: Allen
RockDesolis: Tobbin Tedbare
SaluteOwl’s Head: Lord Enmar
ScareSolace Bridge Outskirts: Forgetful Ghost
ScissorsDesolis: Tobbin Tedbare
ShiverBrightbone Pass: Sovok
ShrugDesolis: The Shish
SighSolania: Allen
SingSoltown: Stan Clark
SneezeArdoris: Jeffrey Post
SpankBrittany Alleys: Orphanage / Ardoris: Lucille
Starrlton – Darkstarr
Tableflip – Atos
TauntEtceter: Satyr guards
ThankAerie: New Hawkers
TimeriftSolace Bridge: Eugena
TiphatArdoris: Kardan Marbane
Truth SaluteArdoris: Virtue Students
WaitEtceter: Robin the brave
WaltzfollowArdoris Palace of the Wind: Damai
WaltzleadArdoris Palace of the Wind: Damai
WarmhandsBrightbone Pass: Sovok
WhisperArdoris: Lucille
WhittleBlood River Outskirts: Ennius
ZombieSoltown: Ashton

Reference: Emotes – Gotta catch them all (spoilers)
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