Daily rewards

There are days that we just don’t have the time to play, and we are happy if we can take a shower, eat something, and get to sleep a bit. It would be nice to be able to earn exp and gold even then, right? With the daily rewards it is possible. Keep reading to learn how!

How the daily rewards work?

Right now there are two ways to earn daily rewards of experience (combat and production both) and a certain amount of gold.

Reward for logging in

Once per day, every player receives automatically 10,000 experience points, both for production and combat training. You will see it in the chat window after logging in the first time in the day.

Recompensa diária

It helps a lot when you can’t play every day, because increasing your exp pool isn’t as simple as it seems.

Reward for talking to the Oracle

After you collect your daily reward just for logging in, it’s time to talk to the Oracle. Don’t worry, it takes almost no time.

Just go to a confirmatory and ask the Oracle to test you; it will ask if you are following one of the three virtue paths. If you answer correctly, you will receive 500 exp (combat and production) and 500 gold.

Oracle Daily Reward

The gold reward is useful to new players, to people who have to pay taxes for their lots, to players who can’t play everyday, and to everybody, actually.

Now that you know how to have a small, but steady influx of money and experience, how about learning to find your way in the huge world of Shroud of the Avatar? Click here and discover the possibilities of navigation through the game.


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